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Should we complain about sexual harassment in the workplace?  Why?  It may seem like an inane question, but some of the responses are intriguing.  A number of people love attention, and believe me, will go to extreme measures to get recognition.  On the other hand, opposing professionals won't tolerate sexual harassment.  What about the individuals that use sexual harassment to their advantage?   Should they be held accountable?


We can render a judgement and argue based upon individual beliefs, but people will continue to file sexual harassment complaints.  It is a personal choice.  I also think we should consider and respect opinions.  If someone doesn't want to be harassed, the harasser has to make a decision.  I believe all harassment isn't sexual harassment and all claims aren't valid.  But, if someone is willing to take a risk, they need to be insured.


Sexual harassment can make someone feel uncomfortable.  If you know you're a victim, you don't have to be.  It is up to you.  In my opinion, if you are going to complain, don't take your complaint to a group or the media before confronting the transgressor.  Make sure you are clear and concise.  If you aren't a victim or it doesn't affect you, mind your business.  


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