Where is the love?


What does the world need?  More money?  More jobs?  More love?  Do we really need more sex?  What is all the hype about sex?  Does the fulfillment of a sexual desire last forever?  You can say that it would but, I have never heard of a lifelong orgasm.


I am tired of losers that are motivated by lust but, they won't set critical goals.  A fraction of females feel they have to promote their curves instead of being professionally resourceful. People shop for sex but, won't pay for counseling or therapy.  Predators visit websites, nightclubs, malls and other public places and browse.  I'm not being supercilious.  I put values and principles where they belong.  You can debate about sex forever and I can keep writing on the topic, but sex is here to stay.  


We don't need to read another story about a child being molested and murdered.  Spend time with someone that understands and values you.  When will children start making choices by themselves?  Let the desire for sex develop in a natural and harmless way.  Taking someone's virginity and life isn't an excuse for not having enough sex.  

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