Where is the love?


Listen to other people.  What are they saying?  If they are convincing, we assume they are telling the truth.  It is so imperialistic to stereotype.  The fact is, seeing and hearing is essential to substantiating. How can you believe something if you don't have proof?  We like to separate ourselves from people that don't look, talk and dress like us.  We want to fit in with the sophisticated, so we step on the humble and meek.  We have names for them.  We even go as far as hating and abusing.  But if a seemingly, ignorant person can benefit us, we like that.   


We are a manipulative society using all sorts of tactics to obtain power and control.  We have to make the innocent feel little in order to look like we are high class.  If you don't like someone, make sure it is because they don't like you, and not because you don't like yourself!  You can keep on being who you are.  But, no one needs your approval in order to be somebody.  Smile.  Everyone can't be BOUGIE like you.





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