Where is the love?


What is love?  Is it a sensation?  Is it a physical attraction?  Love is giving and sharing undconditionally.  It is a gift that travels from person to person.


This is the season to be jolly.  People are attending social events, and if you are single, you are probably dating.   Now I want to ask you a thought-provoking question.  Are you ready for love? I mean real love.  I'm talking about the kind of love that every human beings craves.  


What kind of companion are you looking for?   Are you selective?   I think it is important to know what you want.  I like to make a list before going shopping.  If I don't plan ahead,  I can purchase items that I really don't want.  When looking for a love interest, shop for what you want.  Leave the other items in the store for someone else.  

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