Where is the love?


Should we complain about sexual harassment in the workplace?  Why?  It may seem like an inane question, but some of the responses are intriguing.  A number of people love attention, and believe me, will go to extreme measures to get recognition.  On the other hand, opposing professionals won't tolerate sexual harassment.  What about the individuals that use sexual harassment to their advantage?   Should they be held accountable?


We can render a judgement and argue based upon individual beliefs, but people will continue to file sexual harassment complaints.  It is a personal choice.  I also think we should consider and respect opinions.  If someone doesn't want to be harassed, the harasser has to make a decision.  I believe all harassment isn't sexual harassment and all claims aren't valid.  But, if someone is willing to take a risk, they need to be insured.


Sexual harassment can make someone feel uncomfortable.  If you know you're a victim, you don't have to be.  It is up to you.  In my opinion, if you are going to complain, don't take your complaint to a group or the media before confronting the transgressor.  Make sure you are clear and concise.  If you aren't a victim or it doesn't affect you, mind your business.  



What does the world need?  More money?  More jobs?  More love?  Do we really need more sex?  What is all the hype about sex?  Does the fulfillment of a sexual desire last forever?  You can say that it would but, I have never heard of a lifelong orgasm.


I am tired of losers that are motivated by lust but, they won't set critical goals.  A fraction of females feel they have to promote their curves instead of being professionally resourceful. People shop for sex but, won't pay for counseling or therapy.  Predators visit websites, nightclubs, malls and other public places and browse.  I'm not being supercilious.  I put values and principles where they belong.  You can debate about sex forever and I can keep writing on the topic, but sex is here to stay.  


We don't need to read another story about a child being molested and murdered.  Spend time with someone that understands and values you.  When will children start making choices by themselves?  Let the desire for sex develop in a natural and harmless way.  Taking someone's virginity and life isn't an excuse for not having enough sex.  


What is love?  Is it a sensation?  Is it a physical attraction?  Love is giving and sharing undconditionally.  It is a gift that travels from person to person.


This is the season to be jolly.  People are attending social events, and if you are single, you are probably dating.   Now I want to ask you a thought-provoking question.  Are you ready for love? I mean real love.  I'm talking about the kind of love that every human beings craves.  


What kind of companion are you looking for?   Are you selective?   I think it is important to know what you want.  I like to make a list before going shopping.  If I don't plan ahead,  I can purchase items that I really don't want.  When looking for a love interest, shop for what you want.  Leave the other items in the store for someone else.  


Listen to other people.  What are they saying?  If they are convincing, we assume they are telling the truth.  It is so imperialistic to stereotype.  The fact is, seeing and hearing is essential to substantiating. How can you believe something if you don't have proof?  We like to separate ourselves from people that don't look, talk and dress like us.  We want to fit in with the sophisticated, so we step on the humble and meek.  We have names for them.  We even go as far as hating and abusing.  But if a seemingly, ignorant person can benefit us, we like that.   


We are a manipulative society using all sorts of tactics to obtain power and control.  We have to make the innocent feel little in order to look like we are high class.  If you don't like someone, make sure it is because they don't like you, and not because you don't like yourself!  You can keep on being who you are.  But, no one needs your approval in order to be somebody.  Smile.  Everyone can't be BOUGIE like you.






Why are all of our problems men problems?  What is intimacy?  Searching for a companion is like looking for a car.  Don't get the first one that's appealing.  Look around.  Weigh the pros and cons.  Read the specifications.  Check under the hood and test drive.  Just because it sounds, smells and looks good, doesn't mean that it's good.  Get an account of all previous owners. Remember, you are taking a chance.  Don't be surprised if there are hidden issues.  Get a warranty.  Don't rush to sign the contract.



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